Day 8!

I’m getting there! Slowly but surely. LOL

I have lost 3 lbs, 4 lbs if I keep my water intake up, but 3 lbs officially! So we do have some progress.

I won’t tell you that I haven’t thought about throwing in the hat and giving up, but how will I feel in 2 weeks when I could be completing this thing successfully?

Lately we have been having to teach Lily that she can’t just quit a game or play time when she gets frustrated or mad, how can I teach my child one thing and then do another? I can not be a hypocrite. That just isn’t acceptable!

I’m not going to say that I’m not tired all the time and barely have any motivation to do anything, cause that would be a lie, but I haven’t felt any bloating and the upset stomach has fully subsided. So that is a wonderful thing, I’m still hungry all the time, but thats okay. I’m figuring it out lol.

Only 13 more days to go.

I will post a before picture soon. I’m going to do it when I start working out because I haven’t started that yet. Starting a detox and starting to work out at the same time is a joke lol.

Not a lot to say these days about it except that I’m just living it.

Love you guys!

One thought on “Day 8!”

  1. Good job. Keep it up! Great point about doing the opposite of what you teach your children. They tend to follow actions more than words, so you’re leading by example. 😀


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