Day 2

You guys!

This is so sucky!

Day 2, I have a headache so bad that makes me want to shove my head in the dirt. I have no energy and I’m extremely irritable! It is all completely normal for day 2 of the sugar detox, but it suck some really big balls.

Best part of my day today was spending 3 1/2 hours on video chat with Ashley this morning! It felt as though we were just hanging out again like we used to in the mornings. It helped SOO MUCH!

But as soon as I got off the phone, my irritability level went through the roof. The kids are driving me nuts, even so much that Andrew’s cry started to annoy me. (Wonder Weeks did say that could happen during this fussy phase though)

I know it is only the beginning and that this is normal, but I just want to revert to my room and watch tv and run away from the world.

Well I guess I can also blame it on the rainy weather. I feel like this anyways when it rains. I started to fall asleep on the couch when my son Charlie woke up from his nap and crawled on the couch with me, normally is fine and well, but that boy was such a wiggle worm that I almost pushed him off. Kids.

I’m going to continue to move forward and I know it isn’t going to get much easier here in the first month, but when you want to bite your child’s hand off while they are eating the brownies I’m trying to get out of the house, then you know there is a problem! HAHA

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