WARNING: I know this may be personal, but if you are a part of my life and support me, then you gotta be there for everything.

This is a journey.

A journey that I have not been sure I really want to take. It will not be easy by any means, but one that needs to be taken.

193 – The number that feels like defines me right now. It shouldn’t, but it does.

I have never weighed this much in my life, nor did I ever want to. What I have realized though is not that I am frustrated with myself because I weigh 193lbs, but that somewhere I seemed to have stopped appreciating and loving my body. I could weigh 250lbs and still love my body, people do, but for some reason I do not.

This is not okay.

So lets talk about my body. Not the negative, but the positive!

I have birthed 3 absolutely amazing children, and I mean AMAZING! 🙂 So with that comes

  1. Stretch Marks. Or shall I say, the scars of a true warrior who gave up herself for her children.
  2. My Eyes. I have some pretty ridiculous eyes you guys!
  3. Curly Hair that most people pay an arm and a leg for.
  4. and now here’s the sad part. That is all I can think of.


I am not even going to list the negative things that are in my head because everyone would say how crazy I am, and I may be. But one thing I know for me is that if everyone always tells me that I don’t need to change anything or that nothing is wrong, then I am not going to change anything and that just can’t happen anymore.

Let’s talk about WHY I want this.

  1. If loosing the weight helps get rid of the hives then YES so be it!
  2. I get winded and tired just trying to play with my kids.
  3. It is hard to sit on the floor with the kids as well.
  4. Honestly it makes it harder to enjoy sex. Nobody wants that.
  5. I want to look in the mirror and think I look sexy. I know, silly. But as a woman, I want this.

So. I am doing some things to change this. This was day 1 of a 21 say sugar detox. I will say that this is going to suck, but I am not taking any easy roads out. I will do this and I will finish it.

There will be ups and there will be downs. So follow along as I whip my own ass into shape.

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