Black Circles


No sleep here last night.

My son (1½ years) had a rough night and refused to sleep in his bed until just after 4am. Then I couldn’t sleep after that.

Being a mom is exhausting, but having my son get up in my face and pinch my nose and make a honking noise and giggle at 2:30 in the morning is what I live for! I don’t care that I have big black puffy circles around my eyes. I don’t care that I now have to go get ready for work and work 9 hours today, I don’t care. I would live this night all over again just to see my beautiful little boy look me in the face with his little smile and ask his momma for whatever it is that he needed in that moment with full trust in me to take care of him.
My children are one of the biggest blessings in my life! I can definitely sacrifice black circles around my eyes for the love of my children!

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